How to type without looking at the keyboard? | Learn Typing in 7 Days

how to type without looking at the keyboard

To be an expert typist, you need to dedicate enough time and work hard at it. It can take up to a few weeks for touch typing but if you want the skill then don’t give up! Keep practicing every day and soon your fingers will know where all of those keys are without needing to look down into your keyboard.

How to Practice on Keyboard to type without looking?

1: The first thing that I learned in typing class was where to find the keys on my keyboard. Then, we started practicing how to type by using our fingertips instead of our fingers or palms like traditional typewriter users might have used.

This is a great way for me because it gives you more control when writing and lets your hand move freely across the board without having to look at what letter each key represents since they are all set up next to one another with no gaps between them.

How to Practise on Keyboard?


After some practice sessions, not only did I get faster but also found myself learning new letters quicker than before!

2: Why not improve your typing skills by playing some fun games? You can find a variety of free play online that will help you get ahead in the workplace, or just to have more fun on social media!

3: Typing tests are a fun way to improve your typing skills. They will show you how fast and accurate you really are, which can be quite eye-opening! After getting the hang of touch typing for long enough, it’s worth taking up on this challenge

How to Strike the Keys Correctly on the keyboard?

Finding the right way to strike a key on your computer keyboard can take some time and practice. This is because you have many different types of keyboards, all with their own quirks about how they should be used in order for them to work properly.


The first thing that most people do when they sit down at their desk is put both hands on the keys as if giving themselves directions while playing piano or typing up something quickly; however, this will not create an efficient flow from one letter to another like striking each button individually does- which makes it much easier to type without looking at what’s being typed until afterward are already finished!

In addition, there are certain gestures such as stretching out individual fingers apart so only two digits per hand press simultaneously onto.

Adjust Your Body Position While Typing

If you type on your keyboard for long periods of time, it is important to change up the position of your body every so often.


Keep in mind that improper posture while typing can result in back problems or even carpal tunnel syndrome over time. One way to combat these issues and maintain a healthy workstation environment is by getting an ergonomic desk chair with built-in lumbar support! A comfortable seat will help keep tension from building up around the spine which could lead to injury down the road if not treated properly now.

Practice Again and Again to Learn Typing Without looking

The first and most important step to practicing on a computer keyboard is getting your hands used to the keys, which may feel very different from what you’re accustomed to.

The best way for beginners or those who have not previously touched a QWERTY layout before would be starting with their dominant hand only and then using it in conjunction with their other free fingers when needed.


This will allow them to get acquainted with the location of each key without having interference from both at once while they are still learning how they work together as one unit instead of two separate parts that need coordination between themselves separately.

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