NADRA New Jobs 2021 – Online Apply

NADRA is a well-organized government organization that provides opportunities to recruit dedicated employees who want to be part of it. They have been recruiting thousands of people from different backgrounds since its establishment in 1953, which means you too can apply.

if your qualifications meet their requirements or any diploma does not matter! With almost 25 years experience working for this company as an accountant (21+), IT engineer(4+years) sales executive/manager (14 yrs) customer service rep.(2yrs); I would like t o to encourage other talented individuals like me by offering them jobs at NADRA where they will get security for themselves and family members alike.


NADRA is the acronym for National Database and Registration Authority, a department working under the interior secretary of Pakistan. It was formed on 10th March 1998 with one mission: to maintain accurate databases that would be useful in tracking down criminals or terrorists should they try to cross into any country’s territory without permission from its government first 

just like an immigration officer at ports-of-entry! NDO has been doing this very well since then so much so that people have started referring to them as “Deputy Director General” which sounds more impressive than what it really means… In short time span over two decades since establishment these guys proved themselves worthy enough by getting their authority increased after merging DGR (which had worked hard before) until now we’re left


List Of Available Vacancies

  1. Mobile Developer
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Naib Qasid
  4. Sweeper
  5. Site Incharge
  6. Deputy Director
  7. Security Guard
  8. Intelligence Officer
  9. Office Boy
  10. Database Administrator
  11. Supervisor
  12. Executive

Salary and Benefits

If you are looking for a government job that offers perks, then NADRA is where it’s at. Not only will they provide an amazing pay package but also many other facilities to take care of your family’s well-being! If this sounds like something up your alley and want more information about the benefits available with joining their team as either employee or contractor please read below:

A career opportunity in national accountancy agency means getting all sorts of support when working remotely from home by having access not just one office space per project manager (although there may be limitations), which can make things easier on everyone who needs time off during different periods throughout

How to Apply for NADRA Jobs?

NADRA Jobs is one of the most sought-after government jobs. If you are planning to apply for NADRA jobs and do not know what to do next, then follow these guidelines – they will help submit your form successfully! Most private companies hire through their own HR team but sometimes FPSC also hires people with this position open; read carefully about the background or requirements before downloading an online application that takes you right off site where all information can be found by filling each box authentically (otherwise it’ll get rejected).


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